How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is always king compared to any other marketing channels and generating high return on investments (ROI). Email advertisements and newsletters are converted more leads and deals. Marketing email can reach exact your target audience and keep them update your product and service information’s. Its is not easy to attract all your target audience until you create an effective email campaign and templates.

Email Campaign Objective

Creating successful email campaign in not an easy job. Setup your goal before start to create an email template. Every one know content is king in online marketing. Write an unique content about your product and services. Many email campaigns fails because they does not come out with clear objectives.

Email Marketing Templates

Start design with good content and effective title or subject line. Usually users will see first email subject line and if they interested email will be open or else send it to trash. Write an creative and effective subject line. Along with relevant content and images are the best way to describe the message. Email template is worthless if you not add call to action, also add your social networks feeds to know what others saying about your products and services.

Market Research and Target Audience

Do proper research about your customers and where they are. You should know what they are looking from you and what you can deliver for them. Design a different email template for your target audience and don’t use generic email to every one.

Optimize for mobile users: Due to increasing number of mobile users it is time to create an email marketing template for mobile phones. As per survey 30% of people accessing internet using their mobile and 25% of online sales happened through mobile phones.

Target Audience: You can create a sign up form in your website and request more information to build your own targeted email lists or buy email lists from email marketing service provider.

Motivation for Buying

Right promotion and offer can drive customers to make purchase. In case of new products or services you can offer free trial and free sample, even sometime you can offer discounts and coupons.

Measure your Goals

It is well and good creating a marketing template and campaign, but how will you measure your email marketing success. There are two types of goals, one is short time goals like clicks and website traffic. Second one is long time goals such as engagement by social media and referrals.

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