25 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales

This is the last part of the Revisitors “5 Ways To Boost Your Website Sales” course. In this message, I’ll publish a list of 25 MUST-DOs to get the ultimate online success. Enjoy!

1: Let people know about your affiliate program. Submit it to numerous affiliate program directories, announce it in your newsletter, put it in your signature file, etc.

2: Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do at your web site. You may want them to order products, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

3: Focus your site on your visitor’s desires, not on yourself. They want to know what’s in it for them!

4: Try not to get caught up in loading your site with technological gizmos and gadgets. Concentrate on your words,
they will do the actual selling.

5: Create your own ad copy; don’t copy the basic run of the mill ad copy. Don’t be afraid of trying something different to increase your sales.

6: Change you ads regularly. Your prospects can get bored seeing the same ad all the time. They usually see the ad 7 times before they actually buy.

7: Lower your negative word of mouth marketing. You’ll always have customers that are dissatisfied. Try to please them as much as possible.

8: Give people a deadline to order. Tell people if they order by Feb 28, 2011 they will get a discount or free bonuses. This creates a sense of urgency so they don’t put off buying.

9: Offer people a money back guarantee. The longer the guarantee the more effective it will be. It could be a 30 day, 60 day, 1 year, or lifetime guarantee.

10: Have some business cards printed up with your web site address and other business information. Pass them out to people you meet or that might be interested in your business.

11: Have a magnetic sign made with your web site address. Place it on your car door or roof when you are traveling.

12: Have some flyers printed out with your web site address. Keep a few with you to hang on bulletin boards you may come across in your travels.

13: Have some pens imprinted with your web site name. When you are done filling out your check or signing receipts leave it there for the next person to use or keep.

14: Have some mugs imprinted with your web site address and other business information. Use them when you have company or give them away to friends as gifts.

15: Write your ad copy like you’re talking directly to your visitors. Use the words “you”, “your”, and “you’re” a lot in your ad copy.

16: Create a free ebook directory on a specific topic at your web site. People will visit your web site to read the free ebooks and may see your product ad.

17: Place colorful graphs, pie charts and other charts in your ad copy. Use charts that will grab a persons eye and also support your product claims.

18: Highlight buying incentives like free bonuses and money back guarantees. You could place them in boxes or in front of a different colored background.

19: Use short sentences or sentence fragments in the body of your ad copy. A short burst of words can catch a skimmers eye with one quick glance.

20: Highlight all the important keywords and phrases in your ad copy. You could use bolding, underlining and color to highlight the important words.

21: Use a headline that catches the attention of your target audience. One of the most effective ways is to use a free offer as your headline.

22: Use attention grabbing adjectives to describe your product. For example sizzling, high power, killer, eye popping, etc.

23: You could create a new market for your existing product. For example, if you’re selling plastic bottles to a pop company, you could turn around and sell those bottles to a fruit drink company.

24: Offer a free trial or sample of your product. This increases the perceived value because people think you’re confident in your product, so it must be good.

25: Package your product with a lot of bonuses. This increases the perceived value because people feel they are getting more for their money.

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