New Protogon File System In Windows 8 Developer Preview


Protogon is the name of the new file system that is found in initial and leaked version of the Windows 8 Beta (Windows Developer Preview). References to the Protogon file system is found in the leaked versions 7955 and 7959 (It may be there in other version, but I came across Protogon references to these two versions).

The drive or partition that is formatted using Protogon is not readable using Windows 7 and earlier versions as well as any other operating systems such as Mac Osx Leopard/Lion. It is also quite uncertain that whether the stable release or upcoming beta release of windows 8 will be able to read the Protogon partitions or not.

Protogon differs from FAT32 and NTFS obvious way, is the minimum volume size requirements. Windows will refuse to format the drive with Protogon if the size is less than 512 MB. says that Protogon seems to include or incorporate the database like concepts such as transactions, rows, tables, cursors, etc. Protogon could replace or emulate the NTFS.


1. Open command prompt with Administrator privileges
2. Enter the command. format DriveLetter: /FS:protogon /Q and hit enter.

/Q designates the quick format.

Once format process is complete, windows throws the warning message that “Please be advised that the underlying format may be incompatible with near-future versions.”

Testers of Protogon file system have reported that Protogon is not only fast as compared to NTFS but, also provides more usable disk space than NTFS.

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